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safe2118622 artist:tonyfleecs1673 official comic3146 pinkie pie250050 alicorn302834 pony1479742 g41930875 idw19946 official11287 spoiler:comic13354 spoiler:comic5774 adventure in the comments1338 alicornified7263 altered cutie mark105 amy mebberson17 comic panel280 equestria is doomed180 evil grin6178 female1740155 god has come to reap the sinners16 hoof shoes9083 it finally happened20 it's over18 oh no468 peytral6773 pinkiecorn555 princess of chaos73 princess pinkie pie163 race swap20476 raised hoof66626 run for your lives39 smiling377089 smirk17505 solo1382262 spread wings88517 the end is neigh102 this will end in chaos34 this will end in tears4226 we are all gonna die!6 well we're boned13 when you see it749 wings208344 xk-class end-of-the-universe scenario42 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2434 yes341


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Background Pony #03E9
Welp the universe, multiverse, ultraverse are all doomed. Pinkie becoming an alicron is good for nobody. Better get yer grave sset up becuz by the time she is done, eveyrone will have been turned into cupcakes or worse, Pinkie clones
Background Pony #4F18
Did anyone else read the speech bubbles in the voice of Mentally Advanced Pinkie?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Pity they weren’t able to get Pinkiecorn to Canterlot where she meets Luna and Celestia. Their reactions would have been amusing.