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safe2118620 artist:tonyfleecs1673 official comic3146 big boy the cloud gremlin70 discord36638 pinkie pie250050 alicorn302832 cloud gremlins80 draconequus19330 pony1479741 g41930859 idw19946 spoiler:comic13354 spoiler:comic5774 alicornified7263 castle2840 female1740151 magic93766 male529550 mare703583 pinkiecorn555 princess of chaos73 race swap20476 video game5924 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2434


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Don't test my slam jam
Oh, my God, I just realized this is a giant Rapunzel/Tangled reference.
Rapunzel = Pinkie Pie’s long mane  
“development heck” = Tangled was originally scheduled to release in 2007.  
“When will this fight begin” = When Will My Life Begin  
“you’re dreaming” = I’ve Got a Dream
Background Pony #52C8
Guy 1: Ah! Worst fears realized! Pinkie’s got alicorn magic!
Guy 2: C-calm down! It’s not the show! They wouldn’t dare something this dangerous in the show!
Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
Oh, now I remember those two. Rainbow dashes micro comic right? I haven’t noticed them in any other comic before.
I don’t know why he puts them in his comics. They’re nothing spectacular but since he created them, Maybe he just likes them? Sounds like personal attachment rather then something a dry dusty old exec would mandate.