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safe1586460 artist:ptitemouette443 idw14252 amethyst star2304 apple bloom46803 applejack159862 babs seed5631 big macintosh26975 braeburn6107 button mash3796 carrot top5170 cheese sandwich3641 cranky doodle donkey918 dear darling172 derpy hooves48401 diamond tiara9662 dinky hooves4278 discord28903 dj pon-328213 doctor whooves10121 double diamond1565 fancypants1786 feather bangs492 featherweight1210 filthy rich1076 flash sentry12139 fleetfoot1923 fleur-de-lis3356 fluttershy199220 fond feather166 gabby2165 garble1630 golden harvest5170 hoity toity955 king sombra12746 matilda462 moondancer4400 night glider1268 octavia melody22640 party favor1434 photo finish2549 pinkie pie204348 pokey pierce1291 prince blueblood3870 princess cadance30625 princess celestia90415 princess ember5859 princess flurry heart6328 princess luna94313 pumpkin cake2156 queen chrysalis32538 radiant hope435 rainbow dash220555 rarity170636 roseluck4700 rumble3796 scootaloo49281 shining armor21898 sky stinger476 soarin'13370 sparkler2155 spike75212 spitfire12839 spoiled rich991 star hunter294 starlight glimmer44239 sugar belle2693 sunburst5892 sunset shimmer58139 sweetie belle46801 swoon song175 tender taps651 thorax4008 timber spruce1883 time turner10105 trenderhoof827 trixie62623 twilight sparkle284357 twist2804 vapor trail915 vinyl scratch32308 written script266 zephyr breeze2109 oc611124 oc:apple diamond25 oc:apple tango15 oc:ballon frost cake4 oc:banana hearts3 oc:bass canon40 oc:big shield14 oc:bow tie8 oc:bubble top10 oc:butterfly54 oc:celeste shimmer19 oc:chaotic tornado17 oc:charlie97 oc:cheese cake33 oc:cheese party24 oc:eternity bloom7 oc:feather dash15 oc:feather storm13 oc:flash paperfan1 oc:fluffle puff2846 oc:galaxy trick7 oc:glory sentry5 oc:glowing radiance11 oc:harry trotter20 oc:incendie8 oc:love bug46 oc:love moonlight10 oc:partition11 oc:patch57 oc:pepper candy15 oc:plume23 oc:pomme de pin23 oc:pumpkin love4 oc:rainbow bug12 oc:rainbow peace20 oc:rhyme mash22 oc:ruban5 oc:saphire ring17 oc:snowfeather heart2 oc:squeezie14 oc:star sky11 oc:stella moon9 oc:sugar song31 oc:sunny jewel28 oc:sunshine sparkle16 oc:tarte aux pommes12 oc:time luck4 oc:time vortex12 oc:tutu25 oc:weather fire9 dragon48740 griffon25013 hybrid15490 pony853697 babstwist92 canon x oc22220 cheesepie1182 chrysipuff430 crack shipping3531 crankilda130 derpytop221 doctorrose80 emble54 equal four170 equal foursome17 family tree302 fancyfleur181 female907746 fleetfire52 flutterdash4357 foursome1568 gabbyloo23 gay25476 goldenscript57 hopebra123 infidelity5407 interspecies offspring6457 jack harkness123 lesbian92461 ludance1 magical gay spawn892 magical lesbian spawn10829 male308470 nightdiamond62 offspring34669 parent:apple bloom627 parent:applejack3309 parent:babs seed108 parent:big macintosh2695 parent:braeburn302 parent:button mash278 parent:carrot top30 parent:cheese sandwich1638 parent:cranky doodle donkey10 parent:dear darling2 parent:derpy hooves801 parent:discord2973 parent:doctor whooves285 parent:double diamond218 parent:fancypants717 parent:feather bangs31 parent:featherweight74 parent:flash sentry2587 parent:fleetfoot58 parent:fleur-de-lis310 parent:flufflepuff3 parent:fluttershy4091 parent:fond feather3 parent:gabby74 parent:garble146 parent:hoity toity39 parent:king sombra1057 parent:matilda34 parent:moondancer317 parent:night glider99 parent:oc:fluffle puff68 parent:octavia melody258 parent:party favor224 parent:photo finish126 parent:pinkie pie3626 parent:prince blueblood819 parent:princess cadance1452 parent:princess celestia1913 parent:princess ember303 parent:princess flurry heart189 parent:princess luna1965 parent:pumpkin cake31 parent:queen chrysalis999 parent:radiant hope69 parent:rainbow dash5048 parent:rarity3600 parent:roseluck78 parent:rumble255 parent:scootaloo728 parent:shining armor1214 parent:sky stinger89 parent:soarin'2164 parent:spike1999 parent:spitfire367 parent:spoiled rich24 parent:star hunter18 parent:starlight glimmer1172 parent:sugar belle318 parent:sunburst872 parent:sunset shimmer1501 parent:sweetie belle538 parent:swoon song5 parent:tender taps175 parent:thorax494 parent:timber spruce75 parent:trenderhoof222 parent:trixie1714 parent:twilight sparkle7406 parent:twist120 parent:vapor trail117 parent:vinyl scratch366 parent:writtenscript1 parent:zephyr breeze630 parents:babstwist49 parents:canon x oc1807 parents:cheesepie1414 parents:chrysipuff64 parents:derpytop15 parents:dislestia886 parents:doctorrose29 parents:emble50 parents:fancyfleur178 parents:fleetfire12 parents:flutterdash288 parents:gabbyloo42 parents:goldenscript1 parents:hopebra65 parents:ludance1 parents:photoity17 parents:pumpkin heart18 parents:rarijack346 parents:rumbleweight14 parents:scratchtavia158 parents:shiningmac21 parents:soarburn54 parents:spoiledblood4 parents:starburst411 parents:stardoc9 parents:sunsetsparkle376 parents:sweetiemash248 parents:tenderbloom159 parents:thoraxspike119 parents:timberflash6 parents:trenderbreeze24 parents:trickdancer15 parents:vaporsky63 partybelle50 partydiamond115 partyglider29 photoity37 polyamory6239 pumpkin heart42 rarijack6668 remarkably specific headcanon3 rumbleweight6 scratchtavia2843 shiningmac249 shipping185188 shipping chart137 soarburn503 spoiledblood1 starburst1041 stardoc11 straight122494 sunsetsparkle4724 sweetiemash566 tenderbloom216 thoraxspike179 timberflash80 trenderbreeze11 trickdancer17 vaporsky148 wall of tags2395


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33 comments posted

I see ChrysiPuff, Spirax, Feather Bangs and his trio, and Double Diamond being at least somewhat gay. Therefore, I very much like this.
Background Pony #89BA
I would say what ship makes more sense or who makes actual sense and who has actual chemistry but tbh i know this is just headcanon or made up stuff without the chemistry involved. lol sometimes…I just… I can't help myself. I am sorry but I have to say it. Discord doesn't like Celestia he likes Fluttershy they are the focused center of attention and his total obsession over her. I didn't even see him care for Celestia. :I I'll stop now
Background Pony #B213
Okay, but who's to say that there isn't a spell that can change a pony's sex for [blank amount] of time?
Just be a mare for a year and pregnant, you don't even have to have sex if you have a turkey baster.

In fact, these spells could be frightfully common if you take Caramel's forays into being a mare as cannon. He's been shown as a mare on a few occasions now, what if he's genderfluid and he has a supply of "one day" gender potion, so when he's feeling female, he can be one?

They're magic horses with plants that can make you bug sized, or turn your wings upside down, or change your voice, or make you fall deeply in love, or grow back a tooth. All you need is a unicorn or a potion pony with a special talent for gender change spells, and you're golden. (Since it is stated that unicorns find spells attached to their cutie marks/special talents come easily to them waaaaay back in the first few seasons)

Heck, Zecora could sell these spells, I'm positive that with a combination of Heart's Desire, Poison Joke, and a bit of rainbow, you're halfway to an effective gender change potion.
Background Pony #327D
You see, in Walking Dead, people can understand zombies and dead flesh moving on itself with magic but will still get confused and mad when zombies would transform their legs into jet packs and fly into humans while also shooting lasers from their eyes. There is a fantasy setting and there is also a comeplete lack of logic like a stallion giving birth to another stallion while not having a vagina or uterus.
Background Pony #F98F
I'm not, I'm saying it's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for males to give birth.
Magical lesbian spawn is a bit more forgiving as birth is still possible.

Now, if the kids were adopted then that'd be perfectly swell.
But you can tell from the colors that they're offspting.
Background Pony #327D
What pains me more than offspring are the ships choices. Shining somehow breaking up with Cadance, Big Mac with Sugar Belle, Discord with Fluttershy and Doctor divorced Rose to have kids with a guy REEEE