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1. Applejack and Caramel: I don't have many ships with Applejack to be honest, RariJack is probably my second fave ship for her, if I didn't like Sparity so much that would probably be cannon by now jaja. Anyways, I tried to make my own vision of Caramel, since he's a background character that leaves me a bit of freedom to do whatever I want with him. I decided to make him smol, cute and really femenine, just because it fits how I see him on my head tbh. They are definitely on love with each other, eventhough Juan was a surprise for them and their first idea wasn't to have any child or even get married anytime, they worked hard to make it works, and it did!! They got married and after that Anne was born. Probably their love doesn't leave much space for them to notice how are things going on their own family.

2. Soarin and Rainbow Dash: one of my faves tbh I like to think Soarin always had a silly puppy crush on Rainbow, while she was more the kind of "yeah daddy gimme the D". Rainbow was the one asking him on a date, and they have been inseparable since then. Eventhough Rainbow was never a fan of public samples of love, when she got pregnant she also got more cuddle-ly. Soarin was pleased of course. They spend most of the day together, but when they are separated, Soarin makes sure to take a picture of his precious wife as soon as she gets up just so he can look at it anytime. Also it bothers Rainbow what makes her look even cuter. There has always been a lot of sexual tension between them, and everypony was like "sha la la la la kiss da girl/boy".

3. Maud Pie and Starlight Glimmer: Maud and Stalight had a short but intensive idyll. It was pretty easy for them to go from best friends to lovers, well, it was easy for Maud. She was really direct with Starlight. Eventhough their love was as intensive as a fire, it just faded as a little candle. Soon they stopped being lover to be friends with benefits without even noticing. This time Starlight was clear with her feelings. Maud accepted of course and she was sad since she lost a great lover, but at least she didn't lose a friend. Nowadays they are still great friends and Maud enjoys to fruster Starlight by making jokes about their past love.

4. Scootaloo and Featherweight: you know those classmates that you see and say "they would never be together, I won't live long enough", well, they are those classmates. Anypony would ever believe they would fall in love, but they did. Somehow they managed to coincide sometimes and Featherweight began to see something in Scoots nopony else did, so one of those days he asked her to go on a date. Half trying not to be rude, half taking it as a joke and another half not been able to say no to his stupid cute face, she accepted. She laughted thinking on his poor atemps to win over her. Before Scoots noticed she was laughting at their fourth date and his face stopped looking stupid anymore. Scootaloo is always yelling at him for kissing her check or hugging her in public, but she definitely loves it.

5. Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce: I had more options for Pinkie, Gilda, Trouble Shoes and, recentely, Prince Rutherford, between others, but I will always choose PokeyPie above all of them, I just love them so much. Even if I took Pokey away from his family, I love them together. Pokey always found funny Pinkie's character and he'd definitely change his confortable life to marry her. Pokey was born in Canterlot as one of Stars Swirl's legitimate decendents, but abandoned everything for her. For Pinkie, Pokey was not more than another lovely friend, but she found herself in love of him one day when she was comfy on her bed. Life was a party for both of them, even when they saw themselves with three kids at once. They make eachother laught and they spare love for the other one. Pinkie still waits to see her husband again, and so does Pokey.

6. Applebloom and Rumble: As Applebloom grew older, she also grew goofier. It was a dumb idea to start dating another goofy pony, but that's what young love has, you have no control over it. Granny Smith warned them, but they were too busy having fun to atend laws. Soon Applebloom found herself pregnant. Granny Smith warned and Granny Smith was not happy. She forced them to get married and take care of the little one in coming, together. When their first child came to this world, she fell in depression. Rumble had now to take care of a little baby and a depressed wife. Thankfully if the Apples are known for something is for the love they share with their family, even with the newcomers. All of them together helped Applebloom and soon she was goofing around with her husband and son. Later she got pregnant again.

7. Cheese Sandwich and Coco Pommel: Coco and Cheese met several time before starting dating in several parties Cheese organized around Equestria. Coco soon found herself enjoying the orange pony's parties and company. Seeing Coco's shyness, Cheese decided to ask her on a date to cheer her up. She accepted. Due to Cheese's life style, their relationship didn't worked at all. Cheese, on an attempt of keeping her by his side, abandoned his old life style, turning himself into a sporadically funny househusband, but not actually happy. The notice of a pregnance didn't take too much to arrive. That's when their relationship fall in a spiral to an end. Coco became agressive and depressed during and after the pregnance. Cheese couldn't take it any longer. He managed to win their son's custody and left his wife. He made sure she would get help of course. On this days, Coco is sane and regrets all she did to Cheese and their son. She manteins a pretty good and close relationship with Polaroid, but not with Cheese. He doesn't blame her, but he had enough.

8. Ivory and Rarity: This is one of those that has been canon, but not any longer. They met in a pub on Crystal Empire, Ivory knew who was she, he knew how to win over her, and so he did. Rarity saw herself in love of him that night. Eventhough nothing happened that night, he was determinated to finish the work, and she knew it was going to happen. Rares doesn't want to admit it now, but she was truly in love with him, she saw themselves dating, she saw themselves getting married, having kids and aging together, actually, like on her other relationships. Rarity's such a dreamer with romantic relationships. Ivory had other plans though, but he had to leave before making sure the job there was done. Rarity found herself alone, with a broken heart, two kids and another one in coming. The only good thing left of that relationship, is Tony, and Rarity makes sure he knows it everyday.

9. Cherry Jubilee and Trouble Shoes: If you ever told Trouble Shoes that he was going to get married with the most gorgeous mare in Dodge Junction, he would probably fell in depresion beacause you are just messing with him and you are being so rude you made my child cry, how dare you… But he actually is married with the most gorgeous mare in Dodge Junction!! They met in one of the rodeos on Appleloosa, while she was selling her cherries, they were there for bussiness, and found love. Trouble Shoes fell in love with Cherry Jubilee at first sight, while she didn't noticed him until during his performance somepony threw a cherry pie on his face. She laughted so hard that ponies on Dodge Junction could hear her. After the rodeo, Cherry asked him on a date, just when he was ready to never see her again. Thankfully Cherry moved piece, if it wasn't for her… Trouble Shoes would ever think on reaching somepony like her. They are still married and loving each other and their little overprotected daughter.

10. Cheese Sandwich and Maud Pie: Many years after Cheese and Coco's divorce and Maud and Starlight's idyll, this two souls found each other. Besides Pinkie, Cheese is the only one that can make Maud laught, just look at that face of pure joy. Cheese found her laught absolutely marvellous and soon developed a crush on Maud. Maud rejected his feelings. Cheese was dissapointed but kept making Maud laught just to see her happy, he even introduced her some ponies to see if he could make her happy by helping her find love. She rejected all of them again, she already found what she wanted. They've been dating for around 2 years now.
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I was just starting to think people forgot about pokey. Nice to see people still remember him and I wish he'd get some dialogue in the show at some point.