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artist needed25274 source needed13334 safe1577748 applejack158999 fluttershy198083 king sombra12689 spike74901 twilight sparkle283033 :d899 and then spike was gay111 blushing176160 crack shipping3514 exclamation point3381 eyes closed80390 female901144 foe yay38 gay25286 gay in front of girls399 kissing22476 male306199 open mouth123419 question mark4073 shipping184258 shocked5765 smiling215539 spikebra9 wat18651 wide eyes16202 wingding eyes19201 yaoi fangirl35


not provided yet


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Background Pony #8356
Now that I think about it seeing this, Twilight would be perfect as a "Yaoi Fangirl".