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Same as >>1514591 , but with bonus TV-Y and Discovery Family logo
safe1749875 artist:mysteryben86 artist:oblivionfall71 edit135847 edited screencap67185 screencap227210 derpy hooves50761 princess ember6760 oc711599 oc:kelly shine2 oc:spotlight sparkle3 oc:tree runner3 dragon58689 earth pony265705 pegasus308929 pony1009973 unicorn342060 epic rage time62 triple threat1013 absurd22 angry28054 animated100799 bipedal36181 destruction1551 discovery family logo11739 dragoness8990 duo64690 duo female11920 everything is ruined341 eye beams144 female1401329 floppy ears54474 food72935 gif32112 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios182 laser959 mare501894 muffin6532 now you fucked up311 ponyville6081 pure unfiltered evil1755 running6152 this did not end well38 this will end in death2535 tv-y333 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2409 you monster103


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@Phantom Rider
With the few wonder how derpy hoove's rampage against pony vile was to slip past censors when it was rated as children's programming when it began as princess ember snatched a muffin right out of derpy's hoof and smeared it on a building.

I am human, hear me err.
I wonder, if Amber had seen that Epic Rage Time video beforehand, how would it have influenced her decision to grab Derpy's muffin and rub it against a wall? Or, would it have had any influence?