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suggestive148629 artist:darkknighthoof319 rarity186002 sweetie belle49784 pony1015077 unicorn344217 angry28172 bed42471 black and white13520 blushing205273 bondage35043 burn267 burned402 burning628 clothes477352 comic111668 duo65081 female1405887 fetish41783 fire11797 grayscale39360 hoof fetish2439 mare504238 monochrome152499 open mouth155375 pillow18715 rope11877 rope bondage4236 shaking1485 shrunken pupils3409 sketch64655 socks68725 speech bubble24495 stockings34317 sweat27762 sweatdrop3425 sweetie belle is not amused163 thigh highs38302 traditional art120580 unamused16809 underhoof53923 yelling3207


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Background Pony #C097
Would Rarity even want to untie Sweetie Belle at this point? I mean, I bet as soon as she did that, she would end up either with a black eye, or put into the same position Sweetie’s currently in.