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suggestive129053 artist:lumineko2731 fluttershy198858 sunset shimmer57169 eqg summertime shorts2709 equestria girls180988 pet project241 blue underwear2242 blushing176598 breasts242966 clothes411864 collar28954 duo49723 female925616 femsub9037 flutterpet220 fluttershy wants to be a pet14 leash6857 lesbian91638 mouth hold15509 panties46289 pet play3160 sexy24520 shipping183984 skirt35751 skirt lift4498 socks57093 striped underwear2790 submissive13445 sunshyne167 thigh highs28714 underwear55586 upskirt5361


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Background Pony #7487
Fluttershy looks really girly when she acts a dog in front of Sunset Shimmer lol
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Happy Derpy! -

I could see this happening in the actual show if it was daring enough. It may be more possible as ponies than equestria girls. Also, that pantsu.