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Scootaloo was only 13 years old when she found out that her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant. Not taking responsibility for the child, Scootaloo was left alone to deal with the consequences of becoming a young mother.
Now 14, Scootaloo has to deal with the life fate has thrown at her. From taking care of her son, to dating a new coltfriend, to helping stop a wedding invasion. No one said the life of a single mother in a magical pony land would be easy.
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safe1973729 artist:jake heritagu890 scootaloo55539 starlight glimmer55375 oc837826 oc:lightning blitz304 pegasus407760 pony1325917 comic:ask motherly scootaloo479 baby13284 baby carrier75 baby pony8227 bars181 clothes560181 colt17957 comic124024 dialogue80395 female1605495 hairpin3043 holding a pony3798 horn ring6787 magic suppression4593 male460687 mother and son3590 motherly scootaloo435 offspring46695 older34216 older scootaloo2647 parent:rain catcher270 parent:scootaloo861 parents:catcherloo270 scarf28606 sleeping26779 smug7794 smuglight glimmer292 speech bubble32181 sweater17358 sweatshirt605


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