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dead source21376 safe1640067 artist:whisperfoot623 dear darling191 fond feather187 swoon song196 earth pony224346 pegasus266294 pony905686 unicorn295757 hard to say anything795 :34257 bedroom eyes56200 bimbettes161 bow26570 chest fluff35481 choker10749 explicit source4814 femboy8619 grin35614 hair bow14493 lidded eyes28911 looking at you156899 male351346 rule 6325851 smiling230446 stallion100736 trap4329


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Bisexual Geeky Unicorn

Well, usually, males have a very pronounced square snout, yet if the MLP universe were real, I would think the females would have actual snouts as well, just smaller and they would not protrude as much as the males. The females would have more rounded facial features, but they would still have a snout.