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I find a lot of what Spike could potentially be in Deku. I'd like to think they'd get along well if they ever met and become a hero-sidekick duo.
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Background Pony #84C6
Someone should make a mlp fanfics about my hero academia with spike as deku, sweetiebell as urivety, infinite oc's of different species for class 1a, and grable as shigrekie.
Background Pony #A39E
Neither is Spike, he has superpowers 2 because he's a fire breathing dragon that can fly now. He also has super strength super durability near invulnerability from blunt force and the ability to literally thrive in the extremely high temperatures. The only reason he didn't use any of his abilities other than flying is because he was playing true to the character and this was before Spike had his wings because apparently in the comic books Universe humdrum is a earth pony. So yeah I'd say spike being forced to play the role of a earth pony instead of a dragon hero took away a lot of what he could have done. Also throw in the fact that apparently is humdrum feels a very similar role to spike in his group in that he is usually the voice of reason. That's the same thing spike is along with Applejack though she's a lesser voice of reason because she has her own issues that Spike tries to help her with. Oh no humdrum in Spike hold very important roles in their friend groups that people don't realize. I mean without Spike Twilight wouldn't even be adjusted enough to hold a understandable conversation with anyone other than Scholars of the highest degree.
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@Dirty Bit

I think they meant that he seems unable to go an arc without breaking multiple bones in his body (at least at first). And unlike most shonen protags like Luffy and Naruto, he can't just walk off such injuries and be perfectly fine after some rest and bandages.

He suffers actual consequences for regularly wrecking his body.

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@Background Pony #F2FD
to be completely honest, i'd rank him as one of the most powerful characters in the show due to his magic making him seemingly more unique than any of the other dragons, plus he might be able to master controlling his greed to control his size at will which would make him even more powerful, but without considering that possibility he still has magic that could be expanded on in the future, i rank him below the girls(mane 6) and somewhere next to starlight
Background Pony #7697
For me, the whole "you don't need superpowers to be a super-friend" thing always felt a little odd for him.

I mean, even outisde of the comic book world, he's not the most harmless/defenseless of the group, he's just forced to act that way. We know he can breath a huge flame if he wants (that melts even metal), can bite through even diamonds, and actually Hulk-out by being greedy. So he's technically more "powerful" than most of the Mane6.

And even that's only because he's still basically a toddler for dragons, being like 1/10,000 the size he's going to be just by growing up. Heck, Fluttershy would've made more sense for the role they gave him, but I guess then we wouldn't have gotten Flutterhulk, so whatever.

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can Spike have something that makes him special, something like how ss2sonic's Spike has some sort of dark form can spike have something that's official so he can be more involved as the hero he truly is(and yes i love spike the most but this is an honest request because even when spike got involved(the movie for example) they pretty much show that he's there for jokes and nothing more, as in you'll see him only in the lesser parts/jokey parts of the adventure, I really what them to give him something that makes him have more depth as a character, compared to the rest of the main cast he's the least developed(wow i'm rambling)and yes he's gotten way better as of now but i want something that can truly define him better than being just a diplomat)