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Here's a commission I did for a friend! He asked me to draw Generation 1 Wind Whistler meeting Trixie. He wanted me to do it in the style of the show. This took me about 2 days to draw and vector!

Art Done by me

If you would like a commission, please check out my profile for commission prices! I do them really cheap! This commission was only $30!


Featured on EQD:
safe1614375 artist:showtimeandcoal190 trixie63955 wind whistler453 pegasus256854 pony881907 unicorn284730 absurd resolution64256 commission58431 digital382 digital art14914 female1285035 g114095 g1 to g43676 generation leap5492 greeting95 group3150 hoofbump1055 mare438997 vector72574


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