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3 pictures in one single image
explicit411431 artist:shinodage1115 prince hisan105 somnambula2228 sphinx (character)1094 pegasus396462 pony1299201 sphinx2314 daring done?1017 aftersex10892 all in one129 anatomically correct29544 anus117031 aroused1256 balls93885 bodyjob87 bukkake3233 butt172173 clothes551002 comic122617 compilation629 cum92395 cum everywhere1030 cum on body3198 cum on hair2224 cum on wings179 dark genitals13937 dock60954 erection20561 excessive cum3665 eyes closed118312 eyeshadow21969 facial9502 female1582264 flared3685 floppy ears63600 framed by legs258 frown28083 funny porn1360 futa54111 futa on female13742 futa sphinx126 genital swap57 giantess5228 glare8663 gritted teeth16205 horsecock84749 intercrural sex1116 intersex52057 legs in air4479 looking back72701 macro12991 makeup30115 male451615 mare605748 micro10384 nudity445755 on back29174 penis184746 plot112003 ponut54214 precum13083 raised hoof58732 raised leg9802 scared12504 sex146462 side view2600 size difference17866 sphinxambula67 stallion146210 story in the comments856 terrified515 throbbing798 tinyface321 unamused20206 underhoof61011 vulva158085 wavy mouth4695 wide eyes18687 worried4809


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Humble Discord Kitten
I am verry like this scene, i mean i get addicted.
I think i am not enough worthy to the sphinx give me such blessing, but i try to ask : “ may i clean somnambula of course if she dont mind” i will be very honored if she let me.
Kagura Kuroko

Is it wrong that I imagine a tuba going “bwuamp!” when Somnambula gets a face full of cum?! LOL
Seriously, that was one monster load she took!!
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@Background Pony #AA28  
futa is short for futanari and it’s a type of fetish.  
The idea is that a female character has a penis either instead of or additional to a vagina.  
It’s pretty popular as you can tell by the size of the futa tag.