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safe (1522040) artist:aaronmk (708) fizzlepop berrytwist (7952) tempest shadow (14415) twilight sparkle (274154) pony (796548) unicorn (242674) my little pony: the movie (17317) blanket (4414) book (29212) broken horn (12050) female (846202) horn (35961) magic (62506) mare (386792) shipping (176833) simple background (324136) tempestlight (2962) transparent background (169251) vector (70209)


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President of the Ohio

Sparkle: "And if I performed this spell with Starlight's help, and Princess Celestia and Luna did that, and Cadence added this as well, we should be able to repair your horn.
Shadow: "Fascinating; I had no idea magic could be used in such a way."