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suggestive143217 artist:the weaver1748 applejack170070 fluttershy212859 pinkie pie216383 rainbow dash234139 rarity182017 snails5318 twilight sparkle300571 earth pony249456 pegasus292510 pony969451 unicorn324203 banner2011 barely legal174 bipedal34669 birthday2629 blindfold4407 blushing197958 censored3830 comic109187 female1364885 fluttersnails4 foalcon18122 harem911 imminent sex7027 implied sex5974 male373380 mane six31939 mare481602 pinkiesnails2 pushing818 rainsnail9 rarisnails4 shipping200456 snails gets all the mares3 snailsjack3 straight136529 straight shota1288 twisnails3 wide eyes17061


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@Background Pony #9087
Look at who the artist is. I think that should be all the answer you need.

If you need it spelled out — one of the things Weaver is most famous for is drawing an r63 Snails who is constantly trying and failing to get someone to fuck her.
Background Pony #0041
Am i the only one who wants to know what happens on snails's 18 birthday.
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just in case nobody else noticed, pinkie is the one that take the place for everyone else, and her eyes are always closed, i wonder why

Who the hell does this on their 18th birthday?
Which is a shame.
Everyone. Literally. Every single human being should do this once they turn 18.