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Uploaded by Background Pony #BA58
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dead source25161 safe1751429 artist:tracerhorse7 daybreaker2928 princess celestia96796 alicorn233033 pony1011364 adorable distress558 burning627 canvas409 caricature66 chibi14842 crown17975 crying44855 cute205795 cutelestia3675 female1402673 fire11765 halp40 horseshoes2286 jewelry68426 looking at you175816 mare502585 on fire198 open mouth154592 peytral3781 regalia21170 running6158 solo1094977 tongue out108352


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Background Pony #54AD

STOP! YOUR HURTING HER :( JUST STOP!hugs celestia (??? Still drawning* telling ??? to stop drawning** ??? Stops drawningand celestia is happppy (THE END)

Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

*Blocks Your Path*

I think what he means is
“Hey turn into Daybreaker so I can draw you!”
“Ok anon! *bursts into flames*”
“;_; How was that?”