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So I've gotten an idea for a new MLP fanart-thing. I don't think it'll evolve into a full-blown comic or anything but I'll end up uploading scenes with fic and the like.I have a few characters that are not from Equestria (named Marelan.) The rest of the characters are all next-gen.


Name: Cerulean Zenith (Zen, Zenni)
Gender: Mare
Age: Young Adult
Parents: Twilight Sparkle (M) and Trixie Lulamoon (M)
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Magic
Occupation: student, princess

Background: Zen isn't as into studying as Twilight would like her to be. She understands their importance, but she also has a bit of a tendency to slack off and not pay attention. She wants to have fun and not just be confined to the library at all times. She is also a natural at magic like Twilight, and has a tendency to think that she doesn't need to study that much because of it.

Personality: Zen is fun-loving and wants to hang out more than study. She also has a tendency to show off her skills, but not as badly as Trixie. She loves her brother a lot, and will defend him if people try to speak negatively of him.

Other Notes:





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