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So I’ve gotten an idea for a new MLP fanart-thing. I don’t think it’ll evolve into a full-blown comic or anything but I’ll end up uploading scenes with fic and the like.I have a few characters that are not from Equestria (named Marelan.) The rest of the characters are all next-gen.

Name: Gouda Pie  
Gender: Mare  
Age: Young Adult  
Parents: Pinkie Pie (M) and Cheese Sandwich (F)  
Species: Earth pony  
Special Talent: Food  
Occupation: Baker
Background: Gouda always had fun helping her mother make sweets and pastries for parties and the like as a foal. She began researching lots of different recipes, and her parents even sent her away to a cooking school so that she could hone her talents. She took over Sugarcube Corner after the Cakes retired, and her mother couldn’t have been happier about it.
Personality: Gouda is as friendly as her mother, though a lot quieter and less extreme. She loves losing herself in cooking; she enjoys trying new recipes and adding her own twists to things. She is not outgoing, however, and prefers to stay at home and do things in relation to food.
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