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Here’s the finished first page of that big ass comic commission P.1/6
suggestive164942 artist:evomanaphy899 princess luna106446 oc797664 oc:night shadow114 alicorn260480 pony1245660 unicorn410694 comic:steamy7 bedroom eyes68765 blushing227347 canon x oc29062 comic119682 commission89399 female1535209 jewelry83776 lunadow40 male434727 mare577267 necklace24218 sauna536 seduction627 speech bubble28922 stallion138348 there will be porn2


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Cedric Moon

Ultimate Luna-Fan
Woooow ! I’m soooo jealous ! ^^ Really well done this comic!  
Luna are soooo beautiful in here ! (I like the final picture with her !)
Background Pony #A496
Spectacular art style, Oc is decent too. Honestly, anyone who gets triggered by ocxcanon ships or ocs in general and just mindlessly downvote an image just because of that are just silly. You could just filter it if you dislike pictures like that. But enough of that, the shading, colors, and facial expressions are top notch here!