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safe1597963 artist:shutterflyeqd807 apple bloom47092 applejack161076 fluttershy201147 pinkie pie205726 rainbow dash222215 rarity172232 spike74998 starlight glimmer45029 twilight sparkle285774 alicorn202139 dragon49620 alicornified4866 article106 bloomicorn129 cowboy bebop at his computer37 error955 fanart1361 mistake107 news391 race swap13036 text52595 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117129 you had one job446


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Nazi's are censorship
@Mister Cliff
It never takes long to find out the truth. You could turn off the lights and they would be yelling on the top of there lungs that they could see so much better.
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From the article: "Along the way, they meet […] a passel of pirate parrots, whom I was disappointed to note did not have even smaller parrots perched on their shoulders."

I haven't seen the movie, but I understand his disappointment.

Also, "Bronie" lol