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Emerald thinks about the pony he remembered from his time at his step parents.

He isn't sure how he would feel about meeting Papillon again. Would it be different now that he wasn't forced to entertain her? What would she do if she say him? Would she have him captured and sent back to his step parents?

On the other hand, the only lead they have on the gem that Ruby had is a warehouse that some of Papillon's guards were at a few weeks earlier.

Should Emerald go and try to meet with Papillon? Or maybe they should exhaust all the other lead they have first.

What does Emerald do?

End of Chapter 52!

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College has been hitting me so hard this sememester that I haven't had time. Also I recently got a job and so that's been eating my time too. I'll try to get back to this soon. I'm very sorry. I miss uploading them too.