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Description from source:  
So I accidentally started streaming to Youtube. So I’m like… hey lets do some request doodles! Youtube chat blurted out a pony name, and I pick the very first name I see. I came up with the poses and scenarios myself. Sometimes adding other ponies too.
Enjoy the Doothles!

safe2153066 artist:tsitra3601397 aloe3099 applejack198693 big macintosh33274 derpy hooves57021 diamond tiara11743 discord37242 dj pon-332941 fluttershy255941 gilda11227 lotus blossom3247 octavia melody27393 pinkie pie253494 princess luna116235 princess skystar2479 rainbow dash277151 silver spoon7477 starlight glimmer59324 twilight sparkle354503 twist3125 vinyl scratch32941 alicorn309790 bird13540 classical hippogriff6372 earth pony437366 griffon36282 hippogriff13426 pegasus487420 pony1580996 saddle arabian830 unicorn528130 g42006135 my little pony: the movie21383 appletini510 blushing268673 butt226582 cello3104 derp8297 dialogue90981 eyes closed136893 female1779741 fetish56237 floppy ears71846 glowing horn28694 high res406047 horn178418 hug37156 imminent vore3126 looking at each other33497 looking at you254244 mare727421 micro11773 mirror7303 monochrome173508 motion lines1110 musical instrument15037 open mouth232760 plot140904 plushie30683 princess derpy124 sitting90679 sketch81403 sketch dump3952 sleeping29043 smiling389330 spread wings91756 spyro the dragon502 spyro the dragon (series)734 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147936 wall of tags6408 waving4202 wings216541


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