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safe1971382 artist:andypriceart3456 applejack187785 big macintosh31305 derpy hooves54005 dj pon-331555 fluttershy238149 octavia melody25995 pinkie pie238569 princess cadance36720 princess celestia105081 princess luna109251 rainbow dash259301 rarity203125 shining armor25871 spike87291 twilight sparkle332886 vinyl scratch31555 alicorn274383 dragon72169 earth pony361336 pegasus406489 pony1323089 unicorn446260 idw18397 spoiler:comic12419 spoiler:comic6229 andy you magnificent bastard284 angry32623 cover3216 cowboy hat21918 female1603013 fine art parody587 gossip84 hat108917 laughing9698 male459739 mane six35332 mare618163 norman rockwell14 pointing4993 saturday evening post2 stallion150077 sunglasses18382 this will end in divorce60 this will end in sleeping on the couch9 title drop212


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Background Pony #5E07
To judge by the original, the old biddy told some nasty gossip, it eventually gets around to her husband, and in karmic justice she catches hell for messing with someone?
Background Pony #03A0
Leave it to my man, Andy, to bring back a piece of illustration history and ponify it. (Hats off)