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Blueblood watched his daughter from afar. She hopped around, bucking her little hooves out behind her. His heart fluttered, and for a moment, his thoughts flew back to her mother. It had nearly been three years since she had left.
As his eyes glazed over, he noticed single parents and couples watching him. He couldn’t cry in public. He was somewhat royalty. “Be the cold prince you are,” he whispered to himself.
“Hey! Daddy!”
He looked down, meeting the bright, blue eyes of his daughter. “Hey, honey,” he cooed, picking her up with magic and placing her on his back. “What’s wrong?”
“I want you to carry me home today,” she smiled.
“Magic word?”
“Good girl,” he chuckled, bouncing her on his back. He glanced back at her, giving a big grin. “I love you, honey.”
“I love you, too, daddy!”
Hi, yes, I made Blueblood a better stallion.

oh and his daughter's name is Snow White.

happy birthday i love healthy father-daughter relationships


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