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safe1753146 artist:bobthedalek952 boulder (pet)1313 maud pie12747 starlight glimmer49847 sunburst7016 trixie68788 twilight sparkle306483 alicorn233278 earth pony266955 pony1012803 unicorn343340 uncommon bond823 angry28134 butthug377 cape10752 clothes476799 cross-popping veins1754 cup6507 dialogue68158 face down ass up8831 female1404153 floppy ears54661 glimmer group27 hat90570 hug29175 jealous1260 levitation12591 magic75510 male388806 possessive133 quiet156 ragelight glimmer288 raised hoof48511 shipping205965 shrunken pupils3389 simple background410003 sitting65690 starburst1276 straight140541 teacup3004 telekinesis28789 trixie's cape3934 trixie's hat4756 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126301 white background102695 yandere924 yandere glimmer35 yelling3203


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Maud: Relax, he’s not rock hard enough for me.  
Trixie: He’s not you enough for me.  
Twilight: I’m interested in a different Sun entirely.
Background Pony #F035
Starlight kidnapped a stallion… nah, she’ll get away with any of her crimes, even kidnapping Sunburst.
Background Pony #EE0A
Starlight: HE MINE!  
Princess Twilight: What?  
Trixie: What?  
Sunburn: Wha..What?  
Princess Twilight: what worng with you Starlight?  
Starlight: nothing worng! i dont want somepony take the stallion i want away from me! I am sure you will do the same for your Flash sentry!  
Princess Twilight: Were you….ok yes i love him but i not holding him like you do! plus i dont think sunburn like the way you hold him?  
Sunburn: i with Princess Twilight for this! can you let me go..Please?  
Starlight:…fine…i only fear you will not love me and never come see me again, i lost you one and dont want be hurt again!(she cry)  
Sunburn: Wow?! you are in love with me? i dont think i ready to become the special pony for somepony? but i not say i will never come to see you again! you are my child friend and sorry to make feel this this! but i promise i will become your special pony but not now, i not feel ready! i dont what to do in this?  
Princess Twilight: Ask Cadance?  
Trixie: Yeah! the Princess of Love of course!  
Maud: this is a good idea…boulder think the same!  
Sunburn: Right see Princess Cadance!  
Princess Twilight: you can ask Shining Armor Too!  
Sunburn: i think Princess will long anoff! i will go see her Right away! bye!  
Starlight: i…..i screaw up?  
Trixie: in your first try?….Yes but hey he say he promise he will!  
Princess Twilight: is good for you!  
Maud: if he broke your heart, i broke him! boulder say i need to give him a chance for now!  
Trixie: Now we talk of Special pony! What he doin Flash sentry?  
Princess Twilight: he work to become the Captien of my own royal guard!  
Maud: him too if broke your heart i broke him!  
Princess Twilight: My BBBFF will hurt him befor you got your chance!  
Trixie: Yeah…Trixie Wish to fond her own special pony!  
Starlight: i am sure you will fond one!  
Princess Twilight: can will talk of other subject? can we?  
the girls: No!  
Princess Twilight: this will be a long day!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

“And as my guide and I watch from the bushes, we have the rare privilege of seeing the challenge issued by a wild Equestrian unicorn mare for her desired stallion. Only after she has driven away all of her rivals will she permit him to consummate the relationship.”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Morgan Freeman Pony: “And after the Starlight pony has mated with the Sunburst pony she places him in a giant purple crystal for later matings and to keep rival mares away. experts have stated this behavior as “Pretty f yay ing yandere.”