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safe (1425185)artist:askbubblelee (1220)oc (523414)oc:bubble lee (694)oc:daniel dasher (259)oc:lady (180)oc only (363073)anthro (200106)dracony (4630)hybrid (11752)pegasus (187003)unguligrade anthro (37267)unicorn (201999)anthro oc (25186)bandage (4399)broken horn (9068)claws (3852)clothes (354502)dragging (207)female (756793)leonine tail (5829)male (256641)mare (333669)mother and son (2102)smiling (182521)story in the source (1345)torn ear (366)unamused (11251)


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"Bubble: siiiiiiighs No.. No she is not. There isn’t very many ponies in my friend group who can appreciate mix and matching articles of clothing to make a beautiful ensemble like myself. My cousin will wear anything he can find in a dumpster….. Bloody hick.. grumbles

Daniel: raises an eyebrow slightly He sounds… lovely.."

……….. Wait a second…
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That’s the main reason. I can bet Mako has read that book, Lady too probably so I’m scared of what will happen when/if they find out the truth. I know there’s art of Mako and Imago happy together, but it makes you wonder what happened BEFORE the cute things happened…

The second reason is just my brain being stupid and thinking about horror/adventure/fantasy logic. When a secondary or side character (in this instance, Daniel) get’s more "screen time" something bad happens to them. LOL! But that’s just me, because his sister got screen time and she was almost eaten by a plant!
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