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My Halloween gift to you all. Did myself a little Butterscotch Bat. Also known as Butterbat. :3

Behold its supreme cuteness :D
safe1587364 artist:caroo680 fluttershy199430 anthro233411 bat pony43765 plantigrade anthro27347 adorascotch117 adorasexy8200 barefoot24605 batterscotch33 blushing177804 butterscotch1752 clothes413755 cuffs3686 cute180493 dress39934 feet35060 femboy8106 fetish35431 flutterbat6459 foot fetish6653 foot focus2208 halloween6832 holiday15842 imminent bondage24 imminent tickles139 implied elusive4 implied rarity947 male309236 male feet790 race swap12672 rule 6325394 rule63betes619 sexy24438 shyabates280 shyabetes11721 this will end in tickles57 toe rings58 toes5494 wiggling toes236 yay736


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This batterscotch is so cute, I also think that he always goes barefoot as his namesake women. I once read a fanfiction in which a group of dragons bullies force him to dance barefoot on hot coals, teasing him sourly for his effeminacy, his hippie living style and his barefooted. If be cool to see a comic version of this fanfic!
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No, I meant if Fluttershy was anthropomorphic like Butterscotch is in this image, she would be a barefooter like what Brony_Conundrum implied with Butterscotch, which in retrospect would be pretty cute.
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I wish I was an at least somewhat adrogynous. I hate being 6 feet tall. I hate have hair anywhere but on the crown of my head. And I hate having a deep voice. I am all of these, sadly.

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Androgynous /anˈdrɒdʒɪnəs/ (adj.): partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

In other words, someone who looks both male and female in terms of body structure and facial characteristics. A futa is a hermaphrodite, not androgynous.