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Were you expecting Zephyr, Thunderlane and Tree Hugger to be my OT3? I actually never though about it until I though, Thunderlane's palette is trully nice and fits with almost everypony… even with Zephyr Breeze and Tree Hugger… oh wait… And then I shipped them. At first I was thinking about just Zephyr and Thunderlane or Tree Hugger and Thunderlane, but why choose when you can have all of them?? I also liked the idea of Thunderlane having a really weird family.

This is how the story goes, it all begins with a single father Thunderlane. He and his adopted daughter live a really peaceful life until he met a charming pony. Zephyr Breeze got really interested in the Wonderbolt. After a short idyll, Thunderlane, during a working day, met Tree Hugger, whose personality got Thuders' interest. On the spur of the moment, the two lovers got caught by the mare's formal partner. Enven though Thunderlane flew thought the window, the stallion didn't seem angry, but he had to run. Days later, Zephyr managed to find the Wonderbolt and explain the situation, about his open relationship with Tree Hugger and offered to go and "finish the work there".

And until today!! This three prud parents have been living together for quite a while now and they couldn't be happier

So yeah, Criss has two fathers and one mother, just like Diasy do of course, but she's not that happy, as always… I'm actually thinking about amking another nextgen out of this relationship, but I'll see what I can do with them!!

Tbh, I'm really proud about this particular drawing asdfasdfasdf

Pardon me father so I have sinned… Well, I'm actually not sorry xdd

You may notice that Zephyr is a bit… swollen… let me tell you that he's just fatter xdd
safe1576500 artist:marukouhai167 thunderlane3822 tree hugger2652 zephyr breeze2099 pony846494 bisexual4959 cuddling7841 female900081 gay25265 high res21414 hug25497 male305805 ot3441 polyamory6156 shipping184140 simple background345992 straight121755 thunderhugger1 white background87199 zephyrhugger53 zephyrlane6 zephyrlanehugger1


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Background Pony #B9ED
There should be more polyamory pics with two stallions that like cuddling with each other as much as their mare.