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Cover for JawJoe's latest fan-fic, Monsters. Today is the perfect day to drop the prequel to Night Shift, too, as July 31st marks a blue moon.

Fan work for the prequel, Night Shift: Twilight Sparkle
semi-grimdark (26566) artist:ncmares (700) nightmare moon (15657) alicorn (183784) pony (797088) armor (20669) bondage (28957) bound (1415) bound wings (3078) chains (4194) crying (38221) dream (2220) fanfic (9977) fanfic art (12359) female (846606) fluffy (12336) fog (734) grin (31098) helmet (8985) hooks (31) looking at you (134891) looking back (46310) mare (387041) metal as fuck (156) mist (183) muzzle (401) piercing (32251) shackles (1493) sitting (51728) slit eyes (3699) smiling (202284) solo (936966)


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Background Pony #4E5F
As soon as I saw the chains arranged like that, "The end of 1000 years" from Melty Blood started running through my brain.

Now I have to go see if this booru has a tag for Tsukihime.
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changed the rating to "semi-grimdark".

note the tag changes before editing again: the "semi-grimdark" tag was added by a staff member, then removed by somebody else.
Dry and Dusty

I am a capsule of energy
my music app is so retarded it at same point of time chooses random picture from the file the music is located in (it also supposes that folders are albums if not defined in music propperties). That picture is set as cover and could be changed only by deleting it from memory, deleting album (folder) reseting everything and placing album back, still it forks only sometimes. It's funny because "download" folder had as cover memes few times.
But i've managed to manipulate the app to choose picture i want (by deleting every other picture) and now i have few goodies like this mini rampage >>1381335 at "download" or this on another folder (with metal)
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*villainous giggling*
Is Nightmare Moon a masochist in this fic? 'cause that's the idea I'm getting from this picture

After reading the fic and enjoying it throughout, I now see that she is not a masochist and this is technically a scene interpretation. she's also the most sadistic and fucked up version of Nightmare Moon I've read about in my life