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suggestive164893 artist:thebrokencog958 princess cadance35692 princess celestia102241 princess luna106425 spike85114 human185841 absurd resolution69969 alicorn triarchy357 breasts323458 busty princess celestia11664 busty princess luna8105 cleavage39133 clothes532511 commission89318 female1534599 flats493 hair over one eye10677 harem1017 humanized107095 infidelity7930 interspecies26030 lucky bastard1775 maid6670 male434506 older32320 older spike7488 open mouth183079 polyamory7313 prone29395 royal sisters5315 shipping222228 smiling308529 spike gets all the mares834 spike gets all the princesses59 spikedance131 spikelestia292 spikelove1215 spiluna163 straight153244 throne3562


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I’m pretty sure Swashbucklist was making a reference to Forced Feminization. I could be wrong though. His comment makes me picture such a thing.
And only you worry about Spike (or any male character) being a crossdresser. Nothing wrong with that, just not everyone gives a rat’s ass.
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It’s a rare talent that can make me envious of Spike and a rarer one, still, that can design a palatable adaptation for him. TheBrokenCog nails it on both counts.