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safe1922944 screencap252548 apple fritter836 applejack184919 big macintosh30794 meadow song653 sheriff silverstar262 earth pony340101 pony1270447 a canterlot wedding3267 over a barrel857 too many pinkie pies1954 apple family598 apple family member3189 collage1703 female1557676 green eyes6453 male442917 ponies standing next to each other204 shipping fuel1791 stallion141706


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@Background Pony  
Almost everyone in the Apple Family has green eyes, and those who do not, have orange eyes like Applebloom. A few others have blue or purple eyes, Hayseed Turnip Truck has brown eyes, and Apple Mint has pink eyes.
Background Pony #3DE8
“Ponies standing next to each other” is worth a lot more when it happens across multiple episodes (and once in each season!).
Background Pony #AB9A
We’ll probably learn about them in AJ’s episode. Loving the foreshadowing. At least I hope its foreshadowing.
Background Pony #5444
I just noticed that they all have green eyes. Also, lol to the ‘Ponies standing next to each other’ tag