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safe1949623 artist:niban-destikim451 sci-twi28521 sunset shimmer71658 twilight sparkle330390 equestria girls231264 accidental hypnosis1 armpits45004 belly button94299 belly dance50 belly dancer1001 chip and dale rescue rangers67 clothes551181 comic122640 crossover68416 dancing9741 experiment339 female1582670 flirting2036 flushed face163 food86180 for science271 gadget hackwrench37 hypnosis4071 lab coat2555 lesbian107745 lip bite13548 midriff21438 notepad611 observation43 oops611 palette swap1538 pencil4287 puffy cheeks4596 ripping clothes932 science1306 scitwishimmer2556 shipping227503 strawberry1279 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1228 sunsetsparkle4785


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Background Pony #8A84
ugandan knuckles: do you know da wae?! rantaro, neon, and ibuki: nosebleed sci twi: ok eperiment #231, final test, subject behavior faced with the sound of the gong. ready?! gong!! gadget hackwrench: WTF! riiiip sci twi: wow! i can’t believe it, it’s working!! gets strawberry sci twi: we sure made a great progress today, my little friend, here we go. sunset shimmer weird dance sci twi: WHAT!!!!!!! sunset shimmer: mistress do i get a strawberry too?! joe the dog of wisdom: barks 2 corgies: argues beagle puppy: howl dachshund puppy: awww! ugandan knuckles: the end
Background Pony #94E8
this video called: for twience color swap and rainbow dash version! a mlp eqg comic dub on youtube
Background Pony #EF75
it looks less like Sunset Shimmer has a belly button and more like someone drilled a hole into her stomach