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after 5 years of being in the fandom i decided it was high time to come up with an oc for myself. so i did. unfortunately i don't have any close friends who are artists and no cash for commissions so my design didn't see the light of day until i started my tumblr account, whereupon i noticed a really cool tumblr account called i draw your mlp oc, where people can submit their design idea and get a free reference. i submitted my idea and here he is! thanks so, so much to bluebirdonce for doing such a nice, quality job on a free piece of art. also, holy moly he's NAKED

here's his info. i got kinda carried away when writing his info down and wrote a whole lot so, uh, sorry.

Name: Bay Mac
Age: 23 (4½ horse years?)
Gender: Male
Type: Earth pony
Cutie mark: A parchment scroll (while he believes it signifies his talent as a writer, others are concerned it might actually be a tourniquet)
Likes: Reading, writing, making other ponies laugh, useless trivia knowledge, boops, Pinkie’s confectioneries, Maud Pie
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, rudeness, unintelligent or boring ponies, anxiety, boredom, writer’s block, having his tail pulled (give it a try and watch the fireworks)

- Bay Mac is a dun pony – true to his name, he is a bay dun specifically. He has a long, dark brown mane styled like Shining Armor’s; dark brown eyes, a blackish-brown dorsal stripe, faint blackish-brown striping on his forelegs, and a tannish-gold coat.
- He is a distant Apple family relative; because of this, he has a few white freckles on his cheek. However, the “Mac” in his name is not an abbreviation of “Macintosh”; it’s just “Mac”.
- His fetlocks are feathered like a draft horse, but they’re so thick you can’t normally see his hooves except from underneath.
- He is rather tall and lanky by pony standards. In terms of build, he lies somewhere between Alicorn Twilight and Princess Cadance. His legs are rather thin but his belly has a slight paunch.
- His demeanor is, by stallion standards, fairly moe. This means his default facial expression includes the classic “tareme” eyes seen on ponies like Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. However, when feeling upbeat or chipper his eyes are full-sized.
- He wears thick-framed black hipster glasses.
- The only kind of clothing he wears regularly is a single t-shirt. Instead of having a standard outfit, his t-shirt design changes constantly. Sometimes he will pair this up with either a denim jacket or a black leather jacket.
- He works as an author, albeit an unsuccessful one. He can often be seen working various odd jobs around Ponyville.
- His personality is as understated as his appearance. On the surface he is laid back, easygoing, polite, reserved, and a bit on the introverted side. He is very witty and has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor; telling jokes is one of the few instances where he feels genuinely socially adept. Internally, he struggles with all kinds of anxieties and is very insecure in his abilities and his character, although he tries to obfuscate it under a layer of casual indifference. He gets along well with other ponies, but for the most part he keeps to himself and lives a somewhat isolated life. If he senses that someone is having a bad day or feeling down and out, he will go out of his way to reach out to them and help them through, but due to his social ineptitude and emotionally distant demeanor it’s never guaranteed that he’ll be of much help. He acts very humble but also has an egotistical streak; he will seldom pass up the opportunity to show off how witty and knowledgeable he thinks he is, often to the chagrin of others.
- The closest friend he has would probably be Pinkie Pie, due to her great sense of humor and her willingness to break past his emotionally distant façade and genuinely get to know him. He has an unrequited crush on Maud Pie, but will vehemently deny it if anypony asks.


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