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Another Equestria Light Orchestra wallpaper, with ponies drawn from scratch in
Also I'm renaming my Jeff Lynne pony to Electric Light, which fits in with other pony names.
safe1727996 artist:grapefruitface11014 dj pon-329484 neon lights900 octavia melody24010 rising star897 vinyl scratch29485 oc698357 oc:electric light (jeff lynne pony)34 earth pony256967 pegasus300380 pony988225 unicorn332734 background pony10319 band314 clothes467562 complex background380 electric light orchestra83 elo47 equestria light orchestra40 facial hair6043 female1382243 group3515 jeff lynne50 male380538 mare491470 music2900 musician293 one eye closed31613 ponified41603 smiling254513 space5117 stallion112222 stars15934 suit6001 sunglasses14752 wallpaper18721 wink25213


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Its kinda a fan-fiction but through a series of images, kinda a headcannon/fantasy… due to ELO having songs like Twilight, Starlight and Strange Magic it's the most ponifiable band out there… ELO is basically pure brony rock! Hope this helps! :D