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In the flashback of them encountering each other again on page 266 and 267, Rarity saw transformed Spike, was terrified because she didn't know it was him, and called him a monster.

More recently (in terms of within the comic), on page 265, Rarity saw "normal" Spike and got embarrassed because he's a hunk, which is right before this comic. Rarity's trying to calm him down because he's still a little hurt that Rarity reflexively called him a monster.

266 > 267 > (time skip) > 265 > 268
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Run! He's gonna sing!
I love Fluttershy's expression.

Fluttershy: Geez Rarity, you're about as smooth as a sandpaper water slide.

So… just wanting to be sure, Rarity is blushing and at the same trying to calm down Spike because… they saw Spike Jewels and that's why Rarara screammed "monster" ? I mean just to making everything clear. I don't know how to turn on the 'captain obvious' sign that's why I'm bluntly asking.
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Which means she must be fed the souls of a thousand psykers each and every day to keep her alive, at least mentally. Physically she'll be a corpse.
But this'll never happen.
P.S. I know you're making a 40k joke.