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Another (weird) commission done!

This time my lovely commissioner @thelunarlover asked for a humanized pregnant Fluttershy wearing a Marines costume, with an Alien trying to get out of her belly. WELP — it was fun work to say the least!
semi-grimdark27464 suggestive125897 artist:mrkashkiet93 derpibooru exclusive23741 fluttershy195502 alien1066 anthro225347 plantigrade anthro26104 xenomorph278 ahegao21221 alien (franchise)411 breasts234004 busty fluttershy14564 chestburster75 crying39372 erect nipples8193 female876743 imminent death2243 marines73 near bursting98 nipple outline5989 open mouth119982 pregnant12047 solo957108 solo female166391 stomach deformation11 underboob3473


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #D06B
If we had an auto-doc like in that Prometheus movie. We could get the alien out and both Fluttershy and the alien would be just fine.

I knew all the hours I spent watching that film would come in handy.
Background Pony #4D3A
Won't lie, the idea of a busty Fluttershy (double points for humanized) in agony and thrashing around spitting blood as a chestburster rips its way out of her innards really fucking works for me.