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My thingy for the Collab thingemajig. Did mine and Kraus’s together because he asked and I owed him a favor. I hope it’s not too terrible or too big :P
Also, if you have tiny ocs you can add extra ocs without them being plushies :P Also, Kraus, get a better name for your oc I swear to god XD
If you just want Mave and don’t care about the other two ocs you can click here. Meanie <:’(
safe1861573 artist:badumsquish2154 derpibooru exclusive31538 oc777491 oc only576699 oc:chocolate medley16 oc:mave76 oc:rustback18 alp-luachra142 goo pony2009 monster pony3975 original species29035 pony1205870 tatzlpony1596 2018 community collab516 derpibooru community collaboration4668 back to back326 boxing gloves1182 chocolate3747 cup7111 cup of pony580 drinking3981 eye contact7054 eyepatch3374 female1501184 food79856 frown25979 high res74397 hoof hold9677 hot chocolate1388 looking at each other24544 looking at you196260 male422846 mare557148 marshmallow1443 melting788 micro9893 mug4981 ponytail20913 rod of asclepius4 simple background455676 sitting71939 stallion132627 steam2254 surprised10401 swimming2700 transparent background229882 unshorn fetlocks31902 wide eyes18100


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Background Pony #5FAC
Only if the chocolate comes from another chocolate pony. Humans eat meat all the time but it’s only cannibalism if the meat came from another human.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Don’t fuck with this man’s hot chocolate :P
@Keith Mowz  
Great minds think alike XD
She could, but goo ponies and alp-luachras most certainly do not mix :P  

Mave does, but most alp-luachras wouldn’t actively seek it out. Mave only has a sweet tooth from her affinity for ponies :P