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My OC for the 2018 collab. Wanted to try a different pose out, also I got a flying slot so I toned it down a bit. Just a little. Also holding a plushie of her husband. I'd also managed to lose out on the Sunset Shimmer style eyes I gave her awhile ago, so I fixed that by re-adding them.
safe1678804 artist:lightningbolt888 derpibooru exclusive27718 oc667274 oc only439181 oc:flutterknight5 oc:lightning dee60 pegasus281266 pony941305 unicorn311895 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration3809 .svg available8190 bow27804 choker11528 clothes449607 colored sclera681 cute195655 emo775 fangs24520 female1338250 flying37349 grin37176 holding3008 hoodie13763 hoof hold8131 long mane3246 looking at you163525 mare467543 messy mane7616 ocbetes4957 open mouth140441 plushie23544 pointy ponies3343 simple background384362 smiling240920 solo1045184 spiked choker1535 spiked wristband1196 spread wings53131 svg3554 tail bow5438 transparent background198408 vector75783 wings101532 wristband3506 yellow sclera125


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