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safe1919133 artist:graphic-lee65 applejack184744 fluttershy233206 pinkie pie234514 rainbow dash254879 rarity199259 twilight sparkle326893 alicorn264413 earth pony338578 pegasus382608 pony1266740 unicorn420201 action pose1290 alternate hairstyle32442 badass3489 bipedal42360 both cutie marks12195 cold eyes6 compilation618 dual wield396 fantasy class1672 female1554552 food83809 freckles34767 grin50023 hat104094 jester hat139 jester pie137 knife6130 knight1180 looking at you207348 mane six34658 mare588116 ranger120 smiling315382 straw in mouth1238 sword13151 tactician3 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135740 watermark20152 weapon35410 wheat262


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A Baby Demon
Wow, this is good. You know what would make it better? NOT having an obnoxious watermark square in the middle of it.
Seriously, with all due respect, why not just sign it?