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suggestive162168 artist:bigdad506 rarity196306 spike84563 dragon65631 anthro295733 beefspike427 big breasts97577 breasts319162 buff spike25 busty rarity14692 clothes525555 dress50622 female1517257 huge breasts45349 implied shipping5765 implied sparity425 implied straight5759 male428111 muscles14469 older31854 older spike7370 partial nudity23734 shipping220118 simple background463573 sparity7388 spikezilla515 straight151478 topless15098


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Rarity: “I suppose all sorts of positively tawdry fantasies seem so tantalizingly possible now, hmmmm…? You think just because these big, glimmering muscles finally compliment your heart, mine is suddenly ripe for the taking%?”
Spike: “…I-I-I dunno… Th-They’ve only been b-big like… thirty seconds… Yes?”
Rarity: “YES%!”