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Tempest The Temptress!
explicit345642 artist:pusspuss642 tempest shadow16683 pony949672 unicorn315429 my little pony: the movie18872 anatomically correct23539 anus95376 bedroom eyes58468 broken horn13731 chest fluff38084 couch8044 crotchboobs20762 dock48983 eye scar4989 female1346009 frog (hoof)12502 grin37571 leg warmers2400 looking at you165216 lying down16088 mare471857 nipples164188 nudity364717 on back24101 patreon12532 patreon logo8618 plot77632 ponut42887 scar11780 smiling243123 solo1051582 solo female177782 teats7707 tempass227 underhoof51184 vaginal secretions39352 vulva125700


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Background Pony #4B32
Puss… you've captured Tempest perfectly.
Almost feel like her thoughts are, "I'm hot and know it, still can't believe I'm doing this, and if you don't appreciate it, I will kill you."

>spoiler: my little pony movie

Funny, I don't remember this scene.

It spoils a character. Im not sure how long that movie has to be out for that not to be relevant anymore though. Its been out for awhile.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

don't get me wrong i (mstly) love every pic you upload
But aren't you (or someone you work with) supposed to write a certain bat themed story over on fimfic right now?