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Fluttershy x Fire Streak
Applejack x Timber Spruce
Twilight Sparkle x Cheese Sandwich
Pokey Pierce x Rarity
Soarin x Pinkie Pie
Sunburst x Rainbow Dash
Gloriosa Daisy x Flash Sentry
Starlight Glimmer x Party Favor
Sunset Shimmer x Fancy Pants

Requested by

Pd: Sorry if I took too long, but I had many personal issues; but do not worry, your request has already been granted.
safe1558187 artist:3d4d975 applejack157427 cheese sandwich3582 fancypants1753 fire streak221 flash sentry11988 fluttershy196013 gloriosa daisy1756 party favor1418 pinkie pie201626 pokey pierce1275 rainbow dash217470 rarity168234 soarin'13265 starlight glimmer43118 sunburst5689 sunset shimmer56782 timber spruce1839 twilight sparkle280165 alicorn191586 earth pony191787 pegasus233408 pony829251 applespruce17 crack shipping3467 female882292 fireshy2 flashdaisy2 grin32303 male299803 mane six29047 mare405703 partyglimmer6 pokity1 rainburst2 shipping181836 shipping domino781 smiling210983 soarinpie50 stallion90671 straight120334 sunpants1 twicheese2 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113910


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Mista Guido

Kono Mista da!
To call this "crackshipping" feels like an insult to the term "crackshipping" it's more like "tryhardshipping" as in it'w obvious op only ships these specific pairings in an attemptvto be different from the norm.
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