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safe1555437 artist:1jaz148 applejack157241 big macintosh26664 starlight glimmer42972 trixie61176 twilight sparkle279788 alicorn190925 pony826623 unicorn257468 american gothic37 bill cipher247 book30153 bookshelf2988 bottle3437 cabin134 chimney264 christmas12003 christmas tree3469 couch6920 cross section22 curtain453 duo focus671 featured image777 female879555 fireplace2337 full moon2825 gravity falls1196 high res20791 holiday15693 house1743 interior499 lazytown158 light1190 lucky cat6 maneki neko6 mare404290 mein kampf30 moon20695 night22199 open mouth120331 pinecone129 present5302 prone22910 reading5793 sky11485 smiling209805 snow12407 starry night619 stars13099 tree26861 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113708 we are number one51 when you see it573 window7080 winter3933


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Pomegranates :P
Where's this cabin receiving its electricity from for the light?
Is that light even powered by electricity at all?

Ed: But I love Christmas, Eddy!
Eddy: It's July!
Edd: Actually, it's the early weeks of Spring. April, to be exact.
Eddy: Hold your horses, sockhead! Do you smell that? Bronies..!