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suggestive145204 artist:ambris1363 princess celestia95704 alicorn227908 anthro263876 unguligrade anthro49148 absolute cleavage3546 bedroom eyes60161 big breasts83499 blushing200495 bra16137 breasts282158 busty princess celestia10375 christmas14088 christmas tree4177 cleavage35041 clothes466030 costume27919 female1378652 full body2275 hat88133 holiday20286 kneeling8887 lidded eyes31185 lingerie10639 looking at you171580 mare489531 multicolored mane1601 multicolored tail1219 panties50766 praise the sun2065 present6020 purple eyes2441 santa costume1525 santa hat6103 sexy29959 sexy santa costume185 smiling253484 smirk12671 solo1076043 solo female181161 spread wings55584 stockings33371 stupid sexy celestia1582 thigh highs37112 thong6107 tree32753 underwear61540 window8667


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Beware of snark
@Background Pony #7D03

Trust me, I know.

I used to draw more plausibly-sized wings, but on humanoids they take up SO MUCH SPACE that it's difficult to make varied and effective compositions with them, especially when they're not supposed to be the focus of the image.

So I draw them smaller as needed, depending on the theme of the image.
Background Pony #EA49
One complaint, but it usually goes to almost every anthro image… her wings are too small.