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explicit453635 alternate version81224 artist:sugarlesspaints2045 applejack196088 fluttershy251918 pinkie pie249904 rainbow dash272728 rarity212819 spike90629 twilight sparkle349703 alicorn302465 dragon81192 earth pony422474 pegasus470835 pony1477685 unicorn512001 g41838540 anatomically correct33749 anus131421 balls105145 butt218935 clothes611045 eyes closed133542 female1738282 foalcon21544 frog (hoof)19283 garter belt11264 happy42660 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 lesbian114691 lingerie13542 looking at you245979 looking back82446 looking back at you27496 lying down41720 male528815 mane seven7699 mane six36810 mane six plots189 mane six vaginas189 mare702231 mlp fim's seventh anniversary378 multiple variants8785 nudity492560 on side8987 penis204909 plot135929 prone33666 rear view20928 ship:twijack1313 shipping245819 simple background568636 sketch79583 smiling376265 socks91163 spread legs28494 spreading29435 stockings46198 thigh highs55847 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145965 underhoof66588 vulva180592


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Background Pony #565E
I wish AJ could give me a kiss like she’s giving Twilight a kiss right now.