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explicit403997 alternate version64546 artist:sugarlesspaints1933 applejack184831 fluttershy233367 pinkie pie234636 rainbow dash254996 rarity199400 spike85870 twilight sparkle327069 alicorn264798 dragon68603 earth pony339361 pegasus383331 pony1268623 unicorn421170 anatomically correct28613 anus114207 balls91920 butt163658 clothes540756 eyes closed115314 female1556283 foalcon20015 frog (hoof)16806 happy36930 happy birthday mlp:fim1444 lesbian106594 lingerie12072 looking at you207664 looking back70812 looking back at you21555 lying down29795 male442437 mane seven7216 mane six34676 mane six plots163 mane six vaginas154 mare589140 mlp fim's seventh anniversary379 nudity437291 on side7872 penis181168 plot106790 prone29921 rear view17154 simple background481261 sketch71031 smiling315937 socks78765 spread legs23732 spreading23943 stockings40350 thigh highs46345 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135803 underhoof60045 vulva154150


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Background Pony #565E
I wish AJ could give me a kiss like she’s giving Twilight a kiss right now.