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"You've changed Flam, Your my type of pony I like to have around"
Okayy maybe I ship Flam and AppleJack. fite me
In The Equestriverse
So how and why did this happen ?
Well after Flim and Flam went to Dodge Junction they met a very beautiful mare, Marian The Librarian

//Issue 9 of Friends Forever//

They fought over the delightful mare, in the end they did become loving brothers again, but Flim did take the dear Librarian. Since they had already forgiven one another, but the tension in the air when they were around one another grew, Flam couldn't bare the aching feeling so he moved away from his brother, he was torn and had no idea where to stay. Hotels after hotels, he soon stumbled into Ponyville one fateful evening, He found himself trotting around Sweet Apple Acres. He dragged his ragged hooves to the steps of the Apple's.

You see Flam wants to find something to delude himself of his past with his brother, learning about hard work and self love and candor about life helped him push through his past into the present, He gained the reigns on his life when Applejack helped him up the steady steps of a brighter horizon.

AppleJack, found the hard work Flam put into changing and seeing life from a perspective she thought he could never see, was nothing but nonsense. But she took back what she thought was impossible, when she saw his new driven spirit of honest work.

They grew a very deep bond, over the years of change and reflection. Flam came with a better relationship with his brother, he thought he could never patch, but it was all thanks to AppleJack and her family for helping him when he needed it most.

This scene is during the transitioning Flam, from a lying no good con artist to a candid stallion of wise words and a hefty heart.
Sharing a moment when Applejack saw his change.
Enjoy this FlamJack


AppleJack and Flam Belong To
Art Belongs To Me


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