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While I'm working on bios for my Pandaverse characters, I felt the need to post a little something…

So here's a teaser for something I'm planning in the upcoming revised Pandaverse!

Is it a ship? Is it a brand new storyline that will define a characters destiny? You'll just have to wait and see!



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Your real life Luna.
Actually in the journal of the two sisters one of the sisters says they age differently than others ponies.

Minor spoiler on next season:
I read a little bit about the season 8 episodes and it seems that they will be using a bit of stuff that I found in the book! :)

It’s actually a fun book to read and Luna has a MANTICORE has her friend! It’s amazing.

Still think Luna should be alone.

Conniption Giver
I'm calling it now. They're gonna fuse in order to help Reluctant SSJ4 Shaggy defeat Godbuster Rolf, but when they think they have him cornered he'll absorb Cell Dorado.