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Uh-oh, spaghetti-o
Sketch reminded me that my grape son existed and I felt I shouldn't neglect him. Seems he's found himself a friend who doesn't much care for exposure to direct sunlight. Hmmmm

MLP:FIM © Lauren Faust/Hasbro
safe1573855 artist:whisperseas73 oc604036 oc only409317 oc:concord11 oc:nymph34 hybrid15176 pegasus239116 pony844547 albino296 disguise3961 disguised changeling2269 female897903 hug25439 interspecies offspring6350 male305035 mare414849 offspring34323 parent:king sombra1039 parent:princess cadance1451 parent:queen chrysalis991 parent:shining armor1200 parents:chrysombra44 parents:shiningcadance835 shade290 simple background345100 stallion92515 white background86959 wing shelter23 winghug2636


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