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update: fixed the shading and added some more details to the cheese and grease.

Original sketch by Stoic5

Side by side:

this is probably the best thing i've ever drawn and it's barely even my drawing
suggestive127810 artist:moonatik624 artist:stoic5596 color edit7104 derpibooru exclusive24319 edit117419 rainbow dash219143 pegasus238999 pony844223 blushing175511 box4212 cheese691 colored17646 female897498 fetish34878 floating3478 floppy ears46564 food60648 grease46 lewd762 mare414678 not porn433 open mouth122817 pink background2254 pizza1703 pizza box271 simple background344850 sitting54875 solo971666 suggestive eating422 that pony sure does love pizza87 tongue out90315 wat18600


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