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safe1947895 artist:ohemo210 apple bloom55884 scootaloo55159 sweetie belle53049 earth pony351659 pegasus395890 pony1297879 unicorn434900 adorabloom3455 boots27788 clothes550407 clubhouse950 crusaders clubhouse880 cute232332 cutealoo3405 cutie mark52177 cutie mark crusaders20750 diasweetes3343 dressing376 female1581057 filly83096 indoors4967 jacket15877 mouth hold20844 scarf27882 shoes48349 snow16702 socks80275 the cmc's cutie marks5009 trio15979 winter outfit1839


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Actual Horse
@Background Pony #EE55  
Ever noticed that Unicorns are usually well dressed? They are probably the prime users of clothes since they don’t have to taste their sweat to put clothes on and off and the other races kind of saw it and copied without much thought.
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world's no.1 NMM simp
“Are you sure it’s a good idea to go out in the cold with bare flanks?”
“And pass up an opportunity to show of our cutie marks? No way!”
then all their arses froze, literally and figuratively
Background Pony #2807
My god that’s fucking cute. I want to help the little ponies get all dressed up to go outside.  
>bare ass  
Brrr tho.